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EDITABLE Data Sheets MegaPack for Progress Monitoring for Special Education

Type: Digital

Imagine data collection sheets that can be used to set up a system of data that just works in your classroom.  Data sheets that self-graph to save you time for analyzing them.  Stickers you just need to stick to the back of work product to track progress.  Sheets you can use for taking sample data of group activities or naturalistic data you take following a single student through her day.  

Stop imagining...these data sheets can help you do all of that.  There are self-graphing data sheets (no more inputting data to graph), rubrics, data stickers for work product, travel cards for students included where you need information from a variety of teachers, and even discrete trials.

⭐⭐If you are a member of the Special Educator Academy, these are included in your subscription in the Taming the Data Monster Course.⭐⭐

Who Are These For?

These data sheets are perfect for teachers, behavior analysts or technicians, speech pathologists, or anyone who is charged with tracking students' progress on IEP and skill acquisition goals.  They also work for any age of student in a wide variety of environments from clinic, to self-contained to inclusion settings. 


Download the Preview to See Data Sheet Examples

Each of the data sheets is editable within PowerPoint and you can see what is editable and how in this video.  (different product but same system)

What's Included

IEP & Skill Tracking

  • Self-graphing to track progress
  • 5 and 10 trial options
  • Designed for sequential skills
  • Blank steps or objectives you can individualize

Naturalistic (Sample) Data Sheets

  1. 2 for collecting data on multiple students during groups (Group data sheet)
  2. 2 for collecting data on one student across up to 10 activities (Individual data sheet)
  3. Great for weekly sample data as demonstrated in this tutorial 

Task Analysis Data Sheet

  • 1 with hand-washing steps written in
  • 1 blank
  • Self-graphing

2 Versions Academic Travel Cards

  • 14 variations of check-off system
  • Great for students who go to several other classrooms 

6 Basic Rubric Templates 

  • with and without scales written in
  • daily and weekly options

Work Product Labels

  • 3 versions included
  • Great to print on labels, complete and paste on back of work
  • Perfect for preserving information on permanent products like art projects, worksheets, and tests

Discrete Trial Cards

  • 9-trial and 10-trial available
  • Blank versions of the discrete trial format used in my DTT kits here and here 
  • Print them on label paper and use for mix-and-vary trials easily

Graphing Program Sheets

  • 9-trial and percentage versions
  • Easy to combine with the discrete trial cards above

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This product is copyrighted by Christine Reeve for use in one classroom. They may not be copied for additional classes without purchasing extra licenses. For bulk discounts, please email me at