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Mini-Schedules for General School Activities for Autism and Special Education

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I've never heard any special education teacher say "I have too many visuals."  It seems like we never have the visuals we really need.  But this set, particularly if you support students in the general education environment, has just what you need for all the visuals for school activities. 

Mini-schedules (or picture task analyses or activity schedules) are great to help students complete tasks and routines at school without adult or peer assistance.  They include visuals for the steps of a task, like the arrival or departure routine. And they include materials the student needs to get and the steps to participate in class.

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✓ This packet is designed to allow you to print them in different sizes with different backgrounds. In the directions I share some ideas for how I use them in the classroom for a variety of students.

 ✓ I have tried to include visuals that will be appropriate for all ages—sometimes there is more than one choice of the same step or material to provide alternatives for older and younger students. See the pictures for the actual visuals included.

✓ Each of the visuals is included with backgrounds in white, gray background, black and white polka dots, multi-color polka dots, and rainbow chevron. They are designed to match my schedule bundles from my store.

✓ Each background also has a PowerPoint with blank squares to add in your own.

✓ Finally, each file can be printed in different sizes so that you can adapt them to your students’ needs. Directions are included in this file and in a video.

This product is copyrighted to Autism Classroom News-Christine Reeve for use in one classroom. They may not be copied for additional classes without purchasing extra licenses. For bulk discounts, please email me at

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Directions for construction are included in the file.  Make sure you are opening it with Adobe Acrobat Reader (find it free here) and following the printing instructions included in the download.

If the product is a zip file, you may need to have an app like WinZip to unzip it on a PC.


This product is copyrighted by Christine Reeve for use in one classroom. They may not be copied for additional classes without purchasing extra licenses. For bulk discounts, please email me at