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Plant Life Cycle Unit: Autism and Special Education Science

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As special educators we often serve a wide variety of students and need to provide different levels of differentiation for them.  As you teach to the general education science standards or extended standards, you need materials that make differentiation easy and engaging for the students.  This plant life cycle unit does just that, ready with 4 to 9 step sequences of the cycle, mini-books, photo vocabulary cards, an interactive book, and a slide show presentation.

Who is This For?

This unit is perfect for elementary and middle school students in special education learning about the life cycles.  it is designed to support students who are verbal or nonverbal and who need simplified materials with opportunities to practice the skill.

What's Included?

This unit focuses on the life cycle of plants including processes with 4 steps to 9 steps. 

  • Slide Show / Presentation: Students are exposed to the life cycle and facts about plants in a PowerPoint you can show with a projector or on a computer. Students can also read it on a tablet.
  • Interactive book (can be printed in 2 sizes).
  • 20 Picture Vocabulary Cards: Photographs and words of key terms for a word wall or picture dictionary.
  • Mini-Book: Black and White for students to color; Color version for teacher example
  • Sequencing Sheets: 18 versions for students to sequence the life cycle of plants including one you can laminate with color pictures, a black and white version for cut and paste and versions students write on with and without pictures. Includes general life cycle, bean life cycle, sunflower life cycle, and apple life cycle.
  • 3 Worksheets – Tests: Versions with symbols to assist in reading, with symbols for answering or simply written and fill-in-the blank for students who can read and write more successfully.

Many materials are also provided in color and black and white depending on your needs. Finally, you can customize many of the materials by eliminating pages from the book or PowerPoint to meet your students’ needs.

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This product is copyrighted by Christine Reeve for use in one classroom. They may not be copied for additional classes without purchasing extra licenses. For bulk discounts, please email me at