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Functional Sight Word Reading Task Cards: Food Words for Life Skills - Autism Classroom Resources

Reading Functional Sight Words Discrete Trial Instruction Tool Kit: Food Words

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If you have ever wanted a curriculum to teach sight words explicitly, you've come to the right place.  This product has everything you need for initial instruction in  reading and comprehension of 100 food sight words.  From discrete trial programs and , word cards, pictures and fluency tools, this kit has everything you need to get you started in teaching functional reading vocabulary that students can use in grocery stores, restaurants, and kitchens.  


This set of materials is perfect for middle and high school students working on environmental print and functional reading skills. It may be appropriate for some younger students working on IEP goals related to the skills as well.


  • Receptive reading of 100 food sight words (finding words when read the word)
  • Expressive reading of 100 food sight words (reading the word aloud)
  • Reading comprehension (reading words and matching to pictures; matching pictures to words)
  • Increasing reading fluency of words learned


Explicit Instruction Tools

  • Word cards for 100 sight words of foods
  • Picture cards matching sight words
  • Extra picture cards for working on generalization
  • Word wall cards with pictures & words for 100 words

 Discrete Trial Programs & Data Sheets

  • 1 Program for teaching Expressive Sight Word Reading
  • 2 types of Self-graphing Data Collection form with program
  • 1 Program for teaching Receptive Sight Word Reading (perfect for students who are nonverbal).
  • 2 types of Self-graphing Data Collection form with program
  • 1 Reading Comprehension teaching program for teaching matching words to pictures with self-graphing data sheet
  • 1 Reading comprehension teaching program for teaching matching pictures to words with self-graphing data sheet

 Tools for Fluency Instruction

  • Word lists with 10 or 20 words for practicing fluency of reading
  • Graphing tools for tracking students’ words read per minute

 Teacher Supports

  • Video walk-through of the discrete trial programs to understand how to follow the program
  • Video tips to make teaching the programs most effective.
  • Chart showing the progression of instruction
  • Suggested IEP goals

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