Discrete Trials Kit for Beginning Learner Skills for Students with Autism and Special Educatoin

Type: digital

Make your ABA discrete trial training easier to implement in the classroom, home or clinic with this kit to teach basic learning readiness skills including 1-step directions, motor imitation, matching of objects and pictures plus receptive and expressive ID of basic vocabulary.  This kit has all the materials you need to implement and collect data on these skills.

Note: This kit is designed to be used by teachers who have previous training in discrete trials implementation and does not replace training by a qualified professional.

Who is it For?

This set is perfect for preschool learners, students with autism working on basic learning readiness skills, and any student who requires systematic instruction in a consistent fashion using applied behavior analysis (ABA).

What's Included?

  • Data Sheets,
  • Instructional Programs,
  • Picture Arrays and Probe Material for Teaching: 
    • Motor Imitation with Objects
    • Motor Imitation (without objects)
    • Matching Object to Object for 6 Objects
    • Matching Picture to Picture for 6 Pictures
    • Matching Object to Pictures for 6 Objects
    • Following 1-step Directions (9 Directions)
    • Basic Receptive ID of Objects
    • Basic Expressive ID of Objects
    • Basic Receptive ID of Pictures
    • Basic Expressive ID of Pictures 
  • A video for navigating the materials

**Objects are NOT included in this packet. 

You will need to have the following objects to complete some of the programs: 2 blocks, 2 toy cars, 2 shoes, 2 bowls, 2 cups, 2 spoons, shaker (Maraca, tambourine), hat, small ball, plastic container or can, comb, and drum. 

Download the preview to see what is included and cross-reference to common curricula

You can download a free sample of my Free Sample Discrete Trials Kit: Colors from TeachersPayTeachers that uses the same format to determine if you like it.

Special Features

  • Materials are presented in a consistent manner to the student to avoid errors being made because of the order the materials were presented, where the materials were placed or how they were constructed.
  • Materials are simple and move from less distracters within them to more distracters (i.e., circles without borders to squares with black borders to stars and crayons that are completely the identified color but have different shadings).
  • Arrays are already constructed so that the instructor just pulls them out and goes through them in order.
  • Probes materials and data included 
  • Easy-to-use data sheets can be put together for program planning or working with multiple students and then returned to a student-specific program book.
  • Overall programs of the steps for each program. Each form can easily be used to graph the student’s progress.
  • NO PRINT OPTION: Finally the arrays can be used on a tablet or computer so that they don’t have to be printed. If you are short on color ink this is a paper-efficient method of using it. I would recommend printing out the data sheets to provide a visual prompt to the instructor of the order of the instructions as well as to allow him/her to take data. Instructions for how to use the materials with a tablet or computer are included as are instructions for printing.


No Product Will Be Mailed to You. You will need to print and create the product yourself.

This product is an electronic file download Adobe Acrobat file or a Zip File. No product will be mailed to you.  You are responsible for assuring you have the needed software to open and print it. 

Directions for construction are included in the file.  Make sure you are opening it with Adobe Acrobat Reader (find it free here) and following the printing instructions included in the download.

If the product is a zip file, you may need to have an app like WinZip to unzip it on a PC.


This product is copyrighted by Christine Reeve for use in one classroom. They may not be copied for additional classes without purchasing extra licenses. For bulk discounts, please email me at chris@autismclassroomresources.com