Christmas - Hanukkah Literacy and Math Centers for Young Learners and Special Education

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BEG, EGG, TELL, BED, LEND. Let's find all the short e words and put those ornaments on a Christmas tree. If you are looking for holiday resources to keep your students going for the next few weeks, this Christmas-Hanukkah Literacy and Math pack has you covered.⁠

This pack is a large set of resources focusing on early elementary literacy and math skills.

It includes file folder games, print and go resources that produce evidence of mastery of skills related to the manipulative activities (file folders).

Pictures include elements of both Christmas and Hanukah related items.

What's Included:

  • 14 reusable color resources (e.g., file folders),
  • 110 addition task cards, and
  • 22 black-and-white print and go sheets.


  • (1) file folder matching capital letters to capital letters (CHRISTMAS)
  • (1) printable (color) re-usuable activity to sort pictures into categories of animals, clothing and food that can be laminated and used in a binder or as a file folder activity (HOLIDAY)
  • (5) full color activities for reuse in learning to sort words with long and short vowels. These can be laminated and reused in binders or to create file folder activities. (2 CHRISTMAS, 2 HANUKKAH, 1 WINTER)
  • (15) print and go worksheets (black and white). You can use them as worksheets that students cut and paste or you can laminate them and cut the words out, using Velcro to make them reusable. There are 3 for each vowel (a, e, i, o, and u). Of the 3 two use the words that are used in the reusable laminated activities and 1 presents new words. The first two require sorting 8 words and the third requires sorting 10 words. (MIX OF HANUKKAH, WINTER AND CHRISTMAS)


  • (55) full-color task cards with single-digit addition problems providing visuals. Students add the numbers and count the corresponding items to determine the total. Lines are provided for writing in the answers. Students can add the numbers and use the visuals to count the total. (CHRISTMAS)
  • (55) full-color task cards (same problems as those above) with the number of items. Students then write the number of items on each line and add the problems. (CHRISTMAS)  Answer sheet and key for task cards (3) sets of grids and color visuals for setting up patterns for students to complete with laminated, re-usable pieces. These can be either in a file folder or laminated pages to keep in a binder. The patterns can be changed each time the students work with it to keep them from memorizing them. (HANUKKAH, CHRISTMAS AND WINTER)
  • (6) black and white cut-and-paste sheets for students to complete 1 type of pattern per sheet (AB, ABC, ABBA, AABB, ABB, ABCD). These can be done by the students as cut and paste activities or you could laminate them and reuse them with Velcro. (HANUKAH, CHRISTMAS AND WINTER)
  • (1) black and white cut and paste sheet with 3 different patterns (ABC, AABB, ABB). This can also be used as cut and paste activities or laminated and reused with Velcro. (HANUKKAH)
  • (3) sets of materials for sorting items (color) by size (large, medium, small). Each set has 3 sets of items to sort and can be sorted onto a grid of either large-medium-small or small-medium-large. These can be laminated in a file folder for reuse or could be used as a cut-and-paste for the students. (CHRISTMAS)
  • 1 file folder (color) for matching patterned Christmas trees. These can be laminated for reuse and used as a simple matching activity. (CHRISTMAS)

All of the colored printables can be used in file folder activities or as separate sheets that are kept in binders. The colored materials can be used to teach and practice the skills (sorting short and long vowels and patterning) and the black and white materials can be used to document mastery of the skill. 

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This product is copyrighted by Christine Reeve for use in one classroom. They may not be copied for additional classes without purchasing extra licenses. For bulk discounts, please email me at