Christmas Simple Digital Work Boxes for Independent Work in Distance Learning with Put-In Tasks

Type: digital
These Christmas-themed Google Slides™️ and PowerPoint™️ slides are a great way to get students engaged in simple work tasks or independent work in distance learning or using tech in the classroom.  These 10 slides of tasks offer opportunities for putting (dragging and dropping) in items, 1-1 correspondence by putting on item in each space of a container, and can also be used for students to practice counting.

Who Is This For?

These slide-based drag and drop tasks are great for any age students, typically in special education, who need simple 1-step tasks to learn to complete a series of tasks independently.

Skills Addressed

  • Completing individual or sequences of tasks independently (within an independent work system).
  • Using touch screen or computer mouse to drag and drop items with computer or tablet
  • Practicing counting items with the teacher

What's Included

5 PowerPoint and Google Slides, each with a drag and drop put-in task putting:

  • Santa erasers in cup
  • Ornaments on a Christmas tree
  • Stockings on a mantle
  • Cookies on a cookie sheet
  • Presents in a sleigh
5 PowerPoint and Google Slides, each with a drag and drop items to place items in individual slots with:
  • Putting whipped cream on hot cocoa cups
  • Putting Santa erasers in muffin tin spots
  • Hanging individual lights on a tree (matching to black and white shape)
  • Putting cupcakes in muffin tin
  • Putting a hat on each gingerbread man
Instructions on how to implement them digitally in distance learning


  • The tasks are simple with visual and written directions.
  • They can be completed using touch and drag on a tablet or using a mouse or touchpad on a computer
  • You can also modify them to meet your students needs by removing the number of manipulatives.
  • These can easily be inserted into the Digital Independent Work System
  • If your students are just learning mouse or touch screen use, they can also work with the Basic Digital Learning Readiness Skills Teaching Kit

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