Digital Independent Work Systems: For Special Education Distance Learning

Type: digital

If you have wondered how to move your students' independent work or work boxes system to distance learning, this product is just what you need.  This product uses Google Slides™️ to allow you to create independent work systems digitally for distance learning or in-classroom on a computer or tablet.  In addition, I walk you through how to use set them up and use them with a video tutorial linked in the product. 

From these systems, students will know what task to do and in what order; how much work needs to be done; how to know when they are finished; and what to do next.

 **When you download this product, you will receive a pdf of links to the Google Slides and the video. You will not receive a printable work system. You and your student will need an internet connection to use this resource.**

 ⭐️⭐️ If you are a member of the Special Educator Academy, this is included in your membership and you do not need to purchase it. ⭐️⭐️


  • Special education students of any age who can use Google Slides or is learning to do so.
  • Any student who is used to doing independent work systems in the classroom
  • Preschool and elementary students who need structure to work independently


See the preview for pictures of each type of system

  • 3 versions of “basket” independent work systems. Students match the schedules to the matching pieces on the baskets. They click the basket to go to the slide with their task. They click finished to return to the schedule.
  • 4 versions of file folder type activities in different formats. The schedules are setup to move through the system (students don’t match to them), and they click the file folder to go to the task. Then they click the finished icon to go to the next page with the next part of the schedule.
  • A link to the video to walk you through how to use the systems and how to set them up. It’s a detailed tutorial that I highly recommend watching before using the systems.
  • Digital choice boards and visuals for all systems for what they do next


  • A detailed video tutorial walks you through the steps of setting up each type of work system and how students will use it.
  • Each system is labeled with title pages within the Google Slides file as a table of contents with links for easy navigation.
  • The iconic / basket system will be most familiar to students working on basket systems in the classroom. They also provide the most flexibility in terms of the number of tasks to be completed.

No Product Will Be Mailed to You. You will need to print and create the product yourself.

This product is an electronic file download Adobe Acrobat file or a Zip File. No product will be mailed to you.  You are responsible for assuring you have the needed software to open and print it. 

Directions for construction are included in the file.  Make sure you are opening it with Adobe Acrobat Reader (find it free here) and following the printing instructions included in the download.

If the product is a zip file, you may need to have an app like WinZip to unzip it on a PC.


This product is copyrighted by Christine Reeve for use in one classroom. They may not be copied for additional classes without purchasing extra licenses. For bulk discounts, please email me at