Autism Social Narratives: Getting Adult Attention and Waiting (Special Ed)

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Do you have the student who is always calling out or engaging in other behaviors to get your attention? Or perhaps it's just a student who raises his or her hand but doesn't know how to wait for you to attend?  This set of social narratives (like a social story) and visual supports can be just what you need to help them learn to ask for attention and wait for it.

Who is it For?

These social narratives (or stories) are useful for helping individuals with autism but also many other students with other issues that affect their behavior.  The stories help them to understand others' perspectives, share information about new or problematic situations and provide them with coping strategies to help them maintain appropriate behavior and social responses. They are useful for students of all ages.

 It can be used to address common blurting out and inappropriate behaviors students may use to get attention, teaching students to wait for attention of the teacher, or as part of a more formal program in Functional Communication Training (FCT) to teach a replacement behavior of asking for attention appropriately. 

What’s Included? 

  • 4 social narratives in 2 different formats focused on teaching students to request attention appropriately and waiting for attention.
    1. Waiting for My Teacher’s Attention: focuses on raising hands in place of yelling or interrupting the teacher.
    2. Getting Attention: Focuses on calling the teacher’s name to get attention in place of yelling or throwing things.
    3. How I Can Get Attention: Focuses on raising hands and calling the teacher’s name with coping strategies for how wait for the teacher to respond.
    4. Waiting for Attention: Focuses on specifically teaching a student to wait after asking for attention using a wait card. 
  • 2 Wait Visuals: These are used to give to the student when teaching waiting. 
  • 1 teaching protocol for using FCT for attention-seeking behaviors. 
  • A Sorting Practice Activity
    • This package also includes a simple sorting activity for students to practice identifying appropriate (expected) ways to gain attention, expected (appropriate) behaviors during waiting, and inappropriate (unexpected) ways of gaining attention. Sorting pictures can also be used for visual reminders. 


  • Each social narrative includes descriptive sentences, perspective sentences that talk about how other students and the teachers perceive the student’s behavior, and coping strategies to help the student use the new replacement behavior.
  • Each narrative is provided in a book form with 1 sentence per page and in a one-page form for easy reference
  • Both formats are illustrated
  • Sorting pictures can also be used for visual reminders. 

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