Spring Functional Adapted Books for Autism & Special Education Classes

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From spring cleaning to baby farm animals, this set of 5 colorful interactive books with moving pieces is designed to get students involved in reading as well as learning about spring and activities they might do in the spring months. Students stay engaged in reading by matching the words and/or the pictures to the pages. Students of all ages love them because they can participate in reading.   Imagine your classroom story time or whole group activity in which all the students are engaged in the story you are reading. 

Who Are They For?

These books are great for students of any age working on basic vocabulary and either matching or reading skills.  They are perfect for morning meeting or circle time, story time, and small group or 1-1 instruction on reading skills.  They are written at approximately a first to second grade level and include matching pictures and words to complete the sentences based on the pictures on the page.  I've used them all ages from preschool through life skills high school classes.

What's Included?

5 Interactive Books 

  1. Spring Cleaning - This illustrated book focuses cleaning materials for spring cleaning the house. At the end of the book, students can choose the yes or no visual to answer “Do you help your family clean the house?
  2. Let’s Plant a Vegetable Garden - This illustrated book focuses on the vocabulary related to planting a vegetable garden.
  3. Animal Babies - This photographic book focuses on the names of baby animals. The pictures in the book are of the baby animal and the pictures the student matches have a grown animal and baby to help differentiate animals that look similar as babies (e.g., sheep vs. goats).
  4. Signs of Spring - This illustrated book focuses on the early signs of spring including snow melting, flowers blooming, leaves turning green. It also includes yes and no for answering a question at the end whether the student likes spring. Some pictures are identical and some are not.
  5. Things We Do in Spring - This illustrated book targets verbs and depicts common activities that people do in the spring.
(Check out the photos for lists of vocabulary) 

Includes visuals to choose the books for choice boards from my morning meeting starter kits.

Preschool*Elementary Morning Meeting Starter Kit and Middle and High School Morning Meeting Starter Kit


  • The books have the option to find the matching or corresponding picture or the word to complete the sentence.
  • The picture cards can be stored on an extension page that have matching pictures. There are 2 options—one has matching pictures and the other is a blank page with no pictures so you can rearrange them.
  • You could also switch out so that the student is matching clip art to photos or vice versa by switching which matching pictures are with the book.


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This product is copyrighted by Christine Reeve for use in one classroom. They may not be copied for additional classes without purchasing extra licenses. For bulk discounts, please email me at chris@autismclassroomresources.com