Functional Life Skills Interactive Books for Special Ed: Around the House

Type: digital

This set of books and tasks cards has everything you need to work on life skills vocabulary and reading comprehension simultaneously.  Using a theme of identifying items and actions of taking care of a home, the set includes interactive books and task cards to help you build students' comprehension from answering questions directly stated in the text to inferring content based on pronouns.  And they provide great practice in answering 'wh' questions as well.

Who Are They For?

The books are written at approximately the first to second grade reading level.  They are designed for middle and high school students in special education who need to practice reading and reading comprehension while learning about common adult activities.  However, they could be used with younger students if the topics are appealing.


  • Each book includes visuals for students to have and insert into the books as they are read.
  • All the pictures in the books are photographs.
  • Books are written at the 1st to 2nd grade reading level.
  • The books have the option to find the matching or corresponding picture or the word to complete the sentence.
  • The picture cards can be stored on an extension page that have matching pictures. There are 2 options—one has matching pictures and the other is a blank page with no pictures so you can rearrange them.


  • 4 Interactive Books focused around vocabulary related to taking care of a home
    • Around the House
    • Cleaning the House
    • Taking Care of the Yard
    • Chores Around the House
  • 44 Comprehension Task Cards with Pictures (printable in 3 sizes)
    • What, Who and Where questions included
  • 44 Identical Task Cards with Text Only (printable in 3 sizes)
    • What, Who and where questions included
  • Data sheets for each book set task cards
  • Answer key for task card sets
  • Literacy / Reading Comprehension Template
  • Suggested IEP goals the books and activities can address
  • Extension activities of how they can be implemented in the classroom
  • Visuals to choose the books for choice boards from my morning meeting starter kits. Preschool*Elementary Morning Meeting Starter Kit and Middle and High School Morning Meeting Starter Kit

-- (Check out the  photos for lists of vocabulary) 


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