Life Skills Laundry Interactive Books With Lesson Plans and Comprehension Tools and Distance Learning

Type: Digital

This set of life skills lessons focuses on doing laundry. And it now includes a digital slides version for distance learning.

They include tools for functional reading comprehension and sequencing. The books and lesson plans are great for students in special education and life skills classrooms. More than just 5 interactive books, this set includes lesson plans, sequencing sheets, and comprehension task cards to work on a variety of real-life reading skills.

There are 370 pages of activities designed to work on functional skills (laundry) that can be used alongside real-life activities. As the students do the laundry they can talk about the process from the books. 

Please review the preview for examples, pictures and the listing of the vocabulary included in each book.

What's Included:

All the files are included in Google Slides™️ for use in distance learning.  The 5 books, task cards, and sequencing are designed for interactivity with drag and drop.  All the lesson plans are in Google Slides™️ for easy sharing with families.

✓5 interactive / adapted books (Doing the Laundry -an overview, Ways to do the Laundry, Washing the Clothes, Drying the Clothes, and After the Clothes are Dry)

44 reading comprehension task cards. These are included with and without picture choices for answers . Focused on what and where questions. You can be print the cards in 3 sizes (directions included)

✓40 lesson plans (8 plans included for each book. 4 plans focus on whole group activities, and 4 plans focus on explicit instruction with individuals)

✓Sequencing strips and templates for 4 books. Within the sequencing strips, sentences are identical to the text and designed for students to put in order and retell the story. You could also make them into file folders. Directions included.

✓Potential IEP goals are included for AAC use, vocabulary, literacy and reading comprehension.

✓Extension activities for independent work, progression of instruction

✓Book cover visuals are included for students to choose books to read for morning meeting choice boards or schedules

✓Answer keys and student response forms included

The 5 interactive books have the option to find the matching or corresponding picture or the word to complete the sentence. The picture cards can be stored on an extension page that have matching pictures. There are 2 options—one has matching pictures and the other is a blank page with no pictures so you can rearrange them.

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This product is copyrighted by Christine Reeve for use in one classroom. They may not be copied for additional classes without purchasing extra licenses. For bulk discounts, please email me at