Grocery-Themed Money Task Cards Vol. 2 With Coins to $2 for Life Skills Classes

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What if you had a set of task cards for all stages of learning to count coins? This is the second volume focusing on change in the series that will help you do just that.  Focused on the grocery store as a common setting for spending money, these task cards are perfect for middle and high school students in special education or life skills courses.  Task cards are perfect for giving just the right amount of work and just the right level of skills to students as they learn. 


  • Save time and laminate by putting cards in baseball card holders
  • All the cards have coins that are not lined up in rows but scattered as change would be and in the later cards coins overlap.
  • The coins include both fronts and backs of coins randomly distributed.
  • Coins on the cards are the same size as real coins so they could be matched for manipulatives to count the change.
  • Cards have between 1 and 7 coins per card.
  • Differentiated cards for specific skills (See What's Included for details)
  • Cards are all multiple-choice with 3 choices so that students can use dry-erase markers to circle the answer and are not required to write the answers.
  • Students who are unable to circle could dab the answers with a marker or use a clothespin or paperclip to mark the answer. 
  • Response sheets (in color and black and white) also included for students who are able to write their answers on a separate sheet.
  • Cards of grocery store items with price tags for matching prices to items. 

Included in These Bundles (Save!)

  • Money Tasks Galore
  • Money Essentials for Special Education
  • Structured Work System Secondary Starter Bundle: Life Skills Kit and Tasks

What's Included?

  • 36 multiple-choice task cards for identifying amounts of coins up to $2 in combinations up to 7 coins differentiated by level of difficulty 
    • Cards 1-6 ---combination of 4 coins (3 of the same type)
    • Cards 7-18 –combination of 5 coins (up to $1)
    • Cards 19-24–combination of 6 coins (up to $1)
    • Cards 25-30—combinations of 6 coins up to $2
    • Cards 31-33—combinations of 7 coins up to $2
    • Cards 34-36—combinations of 8 coins up to $2
  • Cards A-Z and a-d --- Cards with grocery items and prices for matching to the task cards with all amounts presented in decimals (rather than with cents signs)
  • Answer Keys and Answer Sheets including a shopping list to match the grocery pictures with prices to the money cards


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