Adapted Books for Following Directions with Cookies and Multiple Cues

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These 4 scaffolded adapted books for following directions provide whole lessons on teaching students to attend to multiple cues in listening comprehension.  Research indicates that students in special education, with language delays and autism particularly, often need explicit instruction to attend to multiple cues. In addition to the 4 interactive books, the set includes a teaching program for teaching this skill and a data sheet to track students' progress.   

What Are They For?

Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and those with speech impairment benefit from explicit instruction in being able to attend to multiple stimuli simultaneously in order to begin to learn effectively from their environment more independently. For instance, if a student can’t reference more than 1 element in an academic environment, he can look at the teacher or look at his work, but he can’t focus on both. Similarly, if he is looking at materials, he can’t identify pictures or words with more than 1 relevant element. For example, he could find words that begin with P but not one that begins with P and ends with K.

See IEP goals these books target below

When Can I Use Them?

They can be used in 1-1 instruction through discrete trials or Pivotal Response Training or during group activities for interaction and generalization/practice.

What's Included?

The 4 adapted books are differentiated to work with early learners of the skills and increase complexity through the volumes as the student masters the skill.

  • Volume / Book 1: Focuses on attending to 1 characteristic of materials (red cookie)
  • Volume / Book 1A: Is the same as book 1 but with added visual cues in the text (e.g., the word red is colored red)
  • Volume / Book 2: Focuses on attending to 2 characteristics of materials (red, round cookie)
  • Volume / Book 3: Focuses on a characteristic of the cookie (color and shape) as well as a characteristic (red or green) of the plate it is put on.
  • Teaching program and data sheet for tracking progress across the steps
  • Extension activities and differentiation suggestions
  • Cookie manipulatives

Potential IEP Goal and Objectives

GOAL: Max will follow different types of directions with different types of materials requiring attention to at least 2 cues within the direction (e.g., put the green, round cookie on the plate or put the green cookie on the red plate) with 80% accuracy daily for one week in at least 2 settings during the school day by the end of the IEP period [insert date].

Objective 1: Max will follow a one-step direction that requires 1 discrimination between at least 4 similar items to complete it (e.g., put the green cookie on the plate) with 80% accuracy daily for 3 consecutive days by the end of the first quarter [insert date].

Objective 2: Max will follow one-step directions that require attending to two cues of the material (e.g., put the red, round cookie on the plate) when given a field of at least 4 choices with 80% accuracy daily for 3 consecutive days by the end of the second quarter [insert date].

Objective 3: Max will follow one-step directions that require attending to one differentiation among the material to be chosen and differentiating where to place it (e.g., put the red cookie on the green plate) with 80% accuracy daily for 3 consecutive days by the end of the third quarter [insert date]. 

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