Differentiated Thanksgiving Menu Math for Practicing Money Skills

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Well who doesn't love Thanksgiving dinner?  So if you are looking for something to keep your students focused this holiday, this differentiated set of materials helps them see how money works functionally in an engaging activity.

Who is This For?
Students of any age working on determining prices of items in functional contexts like menus.  


Materials are already differentiated with 3 menus of varying difficulty and task cards with either 1 item or 2 items to find prices.

Each task card can be used with all 3 menus, making differentiation easy. 

Task cards are provided with and without graphic organizers

What's Included? 

  • 3 menus of different difficulty levels with identical dishes
    • Thanksgiving Café: whole dollar amounts only
    • Harvest Haven: dollars and change in multiples of 25 (e.g., $3.25)
    • Pumpkin Pie Plaza: dollars and all types of change (e.g., $3.37)
  • 96 differentiated task cards including finding prices from the menus for 1 item or 2 items with and without graphic organizers for addition.
    • Cards 1-24 --Finding the price of 1 item off the menu
    • Cards 25-48 --Adding the price of 2 items off the menu
    • Cards 25A-48A --These cards are the same questions as Cards 25-48 but offer a graphic organizer for writing in the two prices and then adding them together, like the example below
    • Cards 49-72 --Finding the price of 1 item off the menu with picture supports. These cards can also be used with the table of prices at the end of the packet to provide a price bank so that the students who cannot write their answers could Velcro the matching price to the task card itself.
    • Price cards for use with cards 49-72
  • Answer Keys for each menu level

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