Basic Distance Learning Skills for Students in Special Education

Type: digital

Trying to figure out how to get your students with significant disabilities engaged in online instruction? Or are you looking for ways to teach basic mouse and touch screen skills for life-long digital learning and work?  If you said yes to either one, this video, teaching programs and slide activities can walk you through how to teach attending in online instruction, mouse and touch screen basic skills and increasing attention in group instruction in video conferences.

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  • This set of materials is designed for students who do not yet attend to someone talking on a screen, do not know how to use a mouse or touch screen, or who need more practice to increase attention to computer activities.
  • It would be appropriate for students of any age, but is designed specifically for early childhood and special education students.

WHAT'S INCLUDED? [The preview video provides an overview of the product]

⭐️ 1 Google Slides™️ and PowerPoint™️ slide set for practicing clicking and then clicking and dragging the mouse

⭐️ 1 Google Slides™️ and PowerPoint™️ slide set for practicing touching a touch screen and dragging items

⭐️ Link to 1 35-minute video walking you through the instruction of the programs and how to use the tools that can be reviewed whenever needed

⭐️ 9 teaching programs, written for ABA instruction, on graphing data sheets covering the following skills.

  • Computer Online Learning Readiness Skills designed for students who have some skills at following directions but need to adapt to online video conference and mouse use. Takes learner from attending and following directions on screen to clicking and dragging objects with the mouse.
  • Touch Online Learning Readiness Skills-same as above but with touch and drag skills
  • Increasing Attending Skills for Online Learning increases attending to person on video conference from initial orienting to their name called to 10 minutes with no more than 2 redirections
  • Following 1-Step Directions in Online Learning designed to move learner to orient to the screen when his/her name is called to following directions to raise hand, touch screen or touch the mouse when told
  • Imitating Actions Given by Adult in Video Conference (Mouse) designed to move the learner through imitating 3 simple actions of the adult on screen including moving the mouse
  • Imitating Actions Given by Adult in Video Conference (Touch) designed to move the learner through imitating simple actions to touching and then dragging finger on the screen
  • Using the Computer Mouse takes the students through the practice slides (or other material you may have) to learning to click and then click and drag items across the screen
  • Using the Touch Screen. This program takes students through the touch screen practice slides (or other material) to learning to tap and drag items across the touch screen.
  • Group Participation in Online Sessions designed to help students start to attend and increase their time attending to group activities up to taking turns

⭐️⭐️ The programs and video in this toolkit are meant to provide structure for instruction. for educators experienced in providing systematic instruction. It does not provide or replace training in behavioral instruction. or discrete trials.


  • Data sheet provide clear small steps for students to master larger skills with clear objectives
  • Data sheets graph as instruction is provided for easy analysis and progress monitoring
  • Video is provided through Vimeo and walks you through all the elements of the toolkit and instruction
  • Slides activities support the instructional programs with activities for the students.

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This product is copyrighted by Christine Reeve for use in one classroom. They may not be copied for additional classes without purchasing extra licenses. For bulk discounts, please email me at