Games and Sports Social Narratives and Visual Supports for Autism and Special Education

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Perfect for students who hate to lose or aren't good winners, this toolkit has This 7 social narratives (similar to social stories) and visual cues to support them.  They help teach your student how to interpret others' perspectives and coping strategies for when they are frustrated or overwhelmed during the game.

Who Is It For?

I have used these strategies successfully with a wide variety of students in a variety of situations and settings:

  • Preschool to Middle School ages for typical students
  • All ages for students who struggle with anxiety and other behavioral challenges
  • Students with with and without autism or special needs.


  • Each social narrative includes descriptive sentences, perspective sentences that talk about how other students and the teachers perceive the student’s behavior, share information about new or problematic situations, and provide coping strategies for maintaining appropriate behavior and social responses.
  • These social narratives and tools  teach students handle losing gracefully, to self-manage when they are frustrated with a game, and how to take a break if needed from the game.
  • Each story is in a format with one idea and picture on each page.
  • You can choose the pages that fit your needs.

What's Included?

7 Social Narratives

  1. I Can Be Proud of My Basketball Game Even If We Lose
  2. I Can Be Proud of My Baseball Game Even If We Lose
  3. I Can Be Proud of My Football Game Even If We Lose
  4. I Can Be Proud of My Lacrosse Game Even If We Lose
  5. I Can Be Proud of My Soccer Game Even If We Lose
  6. I Can Be a Good Sport Whether We Win or Lose
  7. I Am Responsible for Myself When I Play on a Team

 Visual Supports

  • Cueing sequence for deep breathing
  • Visuals of strategies to calm down or take a break
  • Option cards designed to help player remember the options available

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